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Comprehensive Eye Exams

At C Distinctive Eyewear, you’ll have an eye exam unlike any you’ve had before. Our own Dr. Thompson loves getting to know everything about your eyes, and she’ll get to know you along the way! At C, you get real one-on-one time with your doctor. You’ll have the opportunity to ask any questions and voice any concerns. With her thorough and professional care, Dr. Thompson will find your perfect prescription, and keep you comfortable throughout your exam.

Eye Exam Technology Winston Salem, NC

Enjoy our high tech facility

C uses the newest optical technologies to make sure you get the best care available. C offers high tech OPTOS imaging. Our OPTOS device allows us to see further into the back of your eye than any other imaging device. Our OPTOS imaging is more likely to catch any health problems you have in the back of your eye. The sooner we catch the problem, the less likely you’ll have serious complications like vision loss. Our new Zeiss OCT machine gives us a full spectrum of diagnostic information on the spot. With this speedy HD scanning technology, we can quickly assess your eye health needs and make sure your vision is the best it can be!

Dilation-Free Eye Exam Equipment Winston Salem NC

Dilation-free eye exams available

What’s more annoying than the headache that comes with dilated eyes? Schedule a Dilation-Free Eye Exam and we’ll give you a more comfortable exam with even better results. And you won’t even have to deal with that unpleasant puff of air!

Home LASIK consultation

LASIK consultation in comfort

Interested in LASIK Surgery? Schedule a consultation with Dr. Thompson and get the information you need in a relaxed setting. If you decide LASIK surgery is right for you, we’ll get you scheduled with the best local surgeons who can perform the procedure. We’ll take care of all your pre-op and post-op needs here in our comfortable atmosphere.

c eyewear cataract consultation

Cataract surgery consultations

If you believe that cataracts are affecting your vision, schedule a consultation: we can diagnose your case, discuss your vision correction goals, and decide how personalized cataract surgery can best help you. We’ll connect you to an expert surgeon who we trust to provide the best outcomes, and we’ll be on-hand to make sure that you get the support you need with pre and post-operative care.

Optician with customer trying on silly glasses

Support and care for all eye health needs

Whether it’s glaucoma treatment and monitoring, cataracts treatment and surgery, or your annual eye exam, we provide the most attentive and professional eye health care in the Triad. Our highly trained staff goes above and beyond to create a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere where you feel at home and totally taken care of.

Contact Lenses Winston Salem

Contact lenses

Want the most comfortable contact lenses to fit your eyes perfectly? C can help. Since we’re an independent optometry practice, we don’t have buying agreements or contracts with specific contact lens manufacturers, so we can order any lens brands available in the United States. Dr. Thompson will tell you what your eyes need and she’ll make sure you’re comfortable in your new lenses.

– Eyeglasses & Sunglasses –

Eyeglass Consultation Winston Salem NC

Eyeglass fashion consultation

Have you ever wondered what shape or color of frames looks the best on your face? Has finding the perfect pair of glasses always been a challenge for you? Tired of feeling like sales associates are just selling you something to make a commission? Our eyewear fashion consultants at C specialize in providing our customers with a superior eyeglass selection experience.  

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We are experts at finding the right pair of frames to look and feel amazing on your face. Your frames will fit your lifestyle perfectly. We believe your glasses should let you see, and be seen! That’s why our opticians take the time to discuss what YOU want, so we can suggest styles you – and the people who see you – will fall in love with.


Eyeglass Frame Selection Winston Salem NC

A second-to-none selection of frames

At C, we provide a range of frames with something for everybody. Whether you’re looking for frames that are conservative, trendy, unique, cool… or maybe a little bit of everything, you’re bound to find the perfect frames to express who you are at C. Unlike most optical retailers, we don’t carry the same old selection of “brand-name” frames that are all manufactured by two or three huge, impersonal companies.

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Our specialists go to extraordinary lengths to bring you the most fashion-forward, innovative, and well-made, independently-manufactured eyewear designs in the world. Meet some of the designers that we carry.


Latest Lens Technologies

Customized digital lenses technology

Confused about all the eyeglass lenses on the market these days? We’re here to help you make sense of it all! Not only do we help you decide which lens materials are going to look best on you, we’ll also focus on determining which lenses will give you the best vision possible. We utilize the latest lens technologies to bring you the perfect options for your unique visual needs. When you put on your new lenses, you’ll see everything you’ve been missing.

Prescription shades display at C Distinctive Eyewear

Prescription sunglasses

Isn’t it time that you treated yourself to a pair of prescription shades? With our full offering of the latest lens technologies, you don’t have to choose between looking great and seeing great! We’ll help you choose from a variety of tints, polarizations, transitions, and glare reduction options for a perfect fit in both style and in function.

Vintage/antique eyewear services

Vintage/antique eyewear services

Do you have rare, antique, or sentimental frames? We know how to take care of your older frames when we insert new lenses or do adjustments. While we can’t promise they will hold up to the stress of these upgrades, we promise we’ll take every precaution and care for them as if they’re our own.

C eyewear lab

On-site finishing lab

Don’t want to send your glasses to ‘the lab’ for 2 weeks to have new lenses put in your current frames? We don’t blame you. With our on-site finishing lab, you can keep your frames until your custom lenses arrive! In most cases you’ll only need to leave your frames for an hour or two while we edge and hand finish your lenses in house!

Eyeglass Adjustment Services

Eyeglass adjustments

This is kind of our thing. We can’t stand to see glasses sliding down your nose or sitting crookedly on your face. Our staff members are experts in eyeglass repairs and maintenance. We never settle for less-than-perfect vision or fit.

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