C Distinctive Eyewear carries the broadest range of independently designed eyewear right here in Winston Salem. From elegant, to quirky, to minimalist, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for from our carefully curated collection of designer eyewear.
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Dita is one of our most popular designers. We chose Dita because of their honest, simple design, their excellent craftsmanship, and their exquisite attention to detail. According to Dita, “creating a single Dita frame can take as many as 320 separate production steps over 8 months.” Now that’s a dedication to excellence!

Olivers Peoples Designer Frames

Oliver Peoples

Oliver Peoples of West Hollywood is known for its refined style and thoughtful design. All of their frames feature custom acetate colors in a range of tortoise shells, along with distinctively unique handmade details. We love Oliver Peoples for its sleek lines and rich hues!

LaFont Designer Frames


The Lafont brand of Paris is built upon a sense of elegance and strong family values. We love Lafont’s impeccably innovative styles. Their lines are sleek, modern, and luxurious. Lafont glasses are distinguished by their traditional craftsmanship utilizing hi-tech, modern French manufacturing techniques.

Theo Designer Frames


When you walk in our store, the first frames to catch your eye just might be from Theo. With their highly unique shapes and colors, Theo frames bring fun and lots of personality to any look. Their styles range from the avant-garde to the more accessible. This Belgian company, which labels itself as “the most self-willed brand in the world,” will definitely help you make a statement.

Anne et Valentin Designer Frames

Anne et Valentin

The company Anne et Valentin has a beautiful story that we love: the owners, Anne and Valentin, have shared a professional and a personal relationship for over 30 years. You can see the love they put in every pair of their high quality frames. They believe in creating eyewear that matches your unique personality. Their styles range from non-conformist to conservative, but every pair from Anne et Valentin is a work of art.

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Mykita frames feature precision craftsmanship, modern styling, and an innovative use of materials. We love their ultra-thin, super flexible shapes because they are so lightweight and very durable, not to mention stylish!

Salt Designer Frames


The simplicity, quality, and timeless beauty of SALT. frames convinced us to carry their eyewear. SALT. designs draw inspiration from the colors, shapes, and details found in the beautiful California landscape, and where they are made, and incorporate fine Japanese craftsmanship into their construction. We love SALT. for their clean, refined shapes and unique styles.

Francis Klein Designer Frames

Francis Klein

Made in Paris, Francis Klein frames are romantic, colorful, and fun with a major emphasis on artistic details. Each pair of eyeglasses is handmade to the specifications of the customer. We choose the frame color, gemstone color, detailed placement, final hand finishes, and more. Their styles run the full gamut from smart and sleek to fabulously flamboyant.

Traction Productions

With their bold, unique designs, Traction eyewear definitely makes a statement. Traction Productions is named after Traction Avenue, a street at the heart of a famous arts district in Los Angeles. Their eyewear evokes the free-spiritedness, ease, and edge of LA’s arts community, with styles ranging from understated cool to free-form avant garde.


Made in Denmark, Lindberg eyewear is marked by its carefully considered design and discreet simplicity. Their frames are made from a range of responsibly sourced fine materials, such as titanium, acetate, gold, platinum, and diamonds. The result is eyewear that is elegant, distinctive, and durable enough to stand the test of time.

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Garrett Leight

Garrett Leight frames are sleek and refined. They reflect the effortless style of Venice Beach, where the company is located. In fact, each frame is actually named after a street in Venice. We love their attention to detail and their use of distinctive materials, such as unique acetates, polarized glass, and internationally-sourced CR39 lenses.

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