l.a. Eyeworks Frames
in Winston-Salem, NC

l.a. Eyeworks Frames in Winston-Salem, NC

Born out of 1979 Los Angeles, l.a. Eyeworks glasses are instantly recognizable for their daring usage of color, provocative shapes, and inventive use of materials. l.a. Eyeworks sunglasses and frames are uncensored — they worship at the altar of eyewear legends, but step over trite traditions to define the next trends in eyewear.

In l.a. Eyeworks frames, no detail is left unconsidered, and creativity oozes from its design, featuring dazzling patterns, arcane shapes, and sharp-tongued colors. Athletes, performers, and celebrities alike have donned l.a. Eyeworks, and C Eyewear offers their frames for our customers who consider their eyewear a pièce de resistance worth celebrating.

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