Lowercase NYC Eyewear
in Winston-Salem, NC

Lowercase NYC Eyewear

Lowercase was founded in 2016 out of both a love for craftsmanship and eyewear, and a desire to create a localized eyewear trade in America. Each Lowercase frame is hand-crafted, as part of a small batch to ensure quality, with inspiration coming directly from the city — unexpected music, unconventional locales, shared history — to make you feel like you’re wearing a piece of New York City.

Lowercase designs frames that are purposeful, with strong lines and evocative details, much like the city’s architecture. Nowhere in the world is as unique as New York City, and you’ll look just as idiosyncratic in Lowercase glasses. C Eyewear offers Lowercase for our customers who have a love for New York City, or an appreciation for the tremendous presence of its fashion.

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