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Matsuda Eyewear for sale at C Eyewear in Winston-Salem

Matsuda frames meld novel means of self-expression from the new world with design philosophies from the old world that have withstood the test of time. A distinctly Japanese approach to design is evident in every pair of Matsuda sunglasses or eyeglasses, made by hand in Sabae, Japan at the intersection of innovative technology and enduring techniques.

Each pair of Matsuda frames is an art object, designed to be as pleasing to run your eyes over on its own as it is to complement and redefine the face. They suggest the word “tireless,” as only a master could make such ingenious embellishments, and add such fine details, and make it all look effortless. C Eyewear offers Matsuda eyeglasses for true eyewear aficionados — and fanatics.

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