RIGARDS Eyewear in Winston-Salem, NC

Rigards Eyewear for sale at C Eyewear in Winston-Salem

Featuring traditional, natural materials and avant-garde designs, RIGARDS boasts an uncompromisingly distinct style. Their bold, full-bodied frames use fluid beveling to create a compelling elegance and surprising, unconventional aesthetics — like a valley created by an iceberg. RIGARDS glasses feature captivating finishes that define their confidant, signature look and feel.

RIGARDS sunglasses and eyeglasses are hand-crafted and hand-finished, joining qualities from the past with modern practices. Each frame is designed to stand alone as its own statement piece, and their intricate, subtle flairs ensure that any look that includes RIGARDS eyewear will have plenty to say. C Eyewear offers RIGARDS for those with an independent spirit — and an eye for ingenuity.

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